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My name is Linda Fisher. I am a Spirit Medium Storyteller specializing in resolving problems that are left over from a Past Life. I do this through telling the story of a relevant episode from a Past Lifetime, as revealed by Spirit. If you have a personal problem that is a mystery to you, tell me about it. Connecting with your Past Life story opens the door for healing. Let me tell you your past life story.

Is your current problem from a past life event? Would you like to know how to make it disappear? Get your free mini course and I'll show you how!

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New here?

Connect with spirit through a channeled written message.

I can connect with Spirit through a process called automatic writing. You may ask one or two questions and I will write the response on a blank sheet of paper. This will be "spirit writing" rather than my own handwriting. I will then send you a copy of the written response along with a transcript, in case some of the hand written words are difficult to read.

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