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About Me

"It's all in the family...."

I grew up in a large family with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. My father was born in Greece. I mention this because I grew up hearing my dad's family talk about visits in dreams and messages from loved ones on the other side. My grandmother always knew when one of her relatives died in Greece. She would have a dream about the person at a long table with friends and relatives having a party. In the dream the person always looked wonderful! The next morning grandmother would tell my aunts, or uncles, "Cousin Marie died. I had a dream about her." And, 2 weeks later a letter would arrive from Greece telling her about the sad news. (That's how long  it took to get a letter from Greece in those days.) My grandfather also visited her in dreams, and she would tell us about their conversations.

After a while, every time someone died I would hear from them within the next day or two, either in a dream, but more often talking to me in my head when I was awake. I had long conversations at times and once had to stop my car to write everything down my cousin was telling me. She had died suddenly the day before. I would share these experiences with my husband, our daughter, and my siblings.

When I realized I am meant to share this gift with others my husband was a bit startled and said, "I thought this was just a family thing."

        Yes, it is a family thing... now it's for others, too.

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